Libby Lombardo

Libby Lombardo

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Property Developer, Speaker, Coach and Author, Libby has been helping clients develop wealth through unique property development deals and negotiations for 20 years.

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Biography: Libby Lombardo

Libby is a highly successful and sought after property developer, author, speaker and inspirational coach.

With endorsements from heavyweights like Richard Pratt (Australia's 2nd wealthiest man) and Top 50 BRW Rich List Member Jack Cowin, it's no wonder Libby's clients have made millions from her property development strategies.

She does this by offering a rare blend of investment tools, resources and expertise not found anywhere else in the industry

Libby is self-taught and made $200,000 profit in her very first deal, 20 years ago. Her current program is designed to help people generate $100,000 profit in 8 months through a range of property development strategies.

She lives in gratitude everyday, and wants to give back by empowering Australians to discover financial freedom through property investment education.

Libby lives in Sydney, Australia with her race car driving (and sometimes pilot) husband and two beautiful children.

I came to Nic because I wanted to work with someone I could really trust, someone highly ethical, and someone who could deliver results.  I wanted to simplify my property development and coaching business to suit the needs of my family ... and yet grow my business at the same time.  

Not only did he develop a much simpler client acquisition strategy, and increase the price of one of my products by 5,000% ... but he did something far more valuable. The shifts I had mentally and emotionally, as a business woman and Mother, were priceless. 

Libby Lombardo


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