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For Professionals, Consultants, Coaches, and Advisors

How To Think About Life, Get Your Shit Together ... And Understand WTF Is Really Going On.

US - Pacific

Wednesday, May 22nd, 6PM

Australia - Eastern
Thursday, May 23rd, 11AM

Limited to a small group of people only.

Nic Lucas, PhD

X10 Entrepreneur and Coach to CEOs, Professionals and Business Leaders

What We Will Cover On This Free Call

1. How To Be Yourself and Find Peace in the Chaos of Business and Life

I'm not talking about meditation. 

Instead, I'll show you a neuro-cognitive system for reversing stress and thinking clearly when stressful events happen.

2. The Dangerous Idea That Captured Our Minds and Governs Our Emotions

This idea captured the very core of our culture for thousands of years.  

You'll learn to see through this idea and give yourself a 'mind-software' upgrade.

3. A New Way to Think About Causation and Why Things Happen

We use an outdated 'thinking system' to understand why things happen to us.  

There is a better thinking system and we'll cover it on the call.

"When it comes to optimizing your life and business, we're going to science the shit out of it. I invite you to come along, upgrade your thinking, escape your perspective and grow like never before."    ~ Nic Lucas