Explore the training options that can help you grow your business and change your life.

Campaign Formula

Event-based marketing can generate a large volume sales in a short period of time.  In this training you will:

  • Learn a reliable formula for creating successful campaigns
  • Develop a campaign strategy for your own business
  • Understand the software and technical applications needed to run an online event-based campaign
  • Discover how to use Campaign Formula to start a business from scratch

Autopsy of a Product Launch

A product launch is a specific type of Campaign used to launch new products into the market.  In this training resource you will

  • Get a detailed checklist and training on every element you need for a successful launch
  • Receive a case study of a 7 figure product launch gone wrong, with explanations of why it went wrong and how you can avoid those mistakes
  • Understand the software and technical applications needed to run an online product launch

Reinvention Blueprint

More and more professionals are becoming dissatisfied with 'trading their time for money' and are looking for ways to expand their reach and leverage their expertise online. Taught by Dr Nic Lucas, The Reinvention Blueprint will show you:

  • The new digital-consulting model that revolutionises the way true experts can help people and grow their business
  • The simple lead-generation and sales funnel that attracts potential clients
  • How to leverage your time and resources to help more people, add more value and work less 

How to Maximize Your Influence

Your ability to influence others is arguably the single most important skill in advancing your life, career or business. After taking this program, you will be able to:

  • Use and apply the science-based principles of influence in life and business
  • Develop effective marketing campaigns that are filled with influence triggers
  • Create high-impact presentations for your pitches, sales presentations, job interviews, and high-value negotiations

Value Based Advertising for Professionals

How can professionals create profitable advertising campaigns, attract new clients and stay professional, ethical and authentic?  After completing this program, you will:

  • Be able to create and launch advertising campaigns that add value and solve problems for your clients before they've even paid you
  • Understand the software and technical applications needed to run a successful Facebook / Instagram advertising camapign
  • Know how to measure your results so that you can ensure profitablity

Massive Impact Masterclass

What are the most effective ways to create change in your life and the world around you? How can you have the greatest impact possible? After completing this masterclass you will be able to: 

  • Understand how to apply the Massive Impact Matrix to any situation or change that you would like to see, whether it's small, national or international
  • Discover the visible and invisible factors that prevent change and how to overcome these obstacles 
  • Develop simple yet sophisticated 'change' and 'impact' strategies for yourself or others you consult with.

The X10 Entrepreneur Intensive

A premium training and workshop experience led by Dr Nic Lucas for entrepreneurs who want to develop and implement a plan to grow their business X10. Learn More

Possibility to Actuality Group Mentoring

Ongoing mentoring and guidance by Dr Nic Lucas in a group environment.  Application is only open to graduates of the X10 Entrepreneur Intensive.

Possibility to Actuality 1-1 Coaching

Dr Lucas considers applications for 1-1 consulting on a case by case basis. If accepted, clients will experience a completely customised coaching experience to significantly shift their lives and businesses forward.  

Minimum investment is $20,000 USD.