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Second, I want to acknowledge your decision to trust me with the opportunity to guide you on your life and business.

I've learned a very important lesson that I'd like to share with you, and that is that only I am responsible for my life, just as you are responsible for your life.

The best athletes in the world have the best coaches in the world ... and it's the athlete who wins the prize ... not the coach.  

It's the athlete who shows up to training and gives their all.  It's the athlete who puts into practice the knowledge and skills he or she learns from the coach.

The coach is responsible to show up and be the best coach they can be. The athlete is responsible to show up and be the best athlete they can be.

It is the same with you and I.

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When it comes to the art of optimizing your life and business, we're going to science the shit out of it.

DR Nic Lucas