I've been spending my mornings codifying the various 'mind tools' I use to keep moving toward 'mind mastery'.
I had a breakthrough today, and was able to narrow these 'mind tools' down to the 10 most common ones I use.
Now that I've done that, the next step will be to present these in a powerful way that makes them useful to others.

For now ... I'm just going to use this post to prompt your interest.


NOTE: Every single one of these tools is powerful by itself and can cause massive insights and complete shifts ...

... and less grandiose, just help you make better decisions and take wiser actions in your daily life.


The format of each one is X2X ... which I've done to simplify it for myself.

10 Mind Tools for Mind Mastery (Working Draft)
  1. R2A ... Resistance to Acceptance
  2. V2P ... Vague to Precise
  3. E2C ... Effect to Cause
  4. C2E ... Cause to Effect
  5. P2R ... Projection to Reflection
  6. C2A ... Current to Alternative
  7. A2P ... Actuality to Possibility
  8. P2A ... Possibility to Actuality
  9. B2M ... Binary to Multiplicative
  10. A2O ... Action to Observation

One of my favourite is V2P ... to shift from being Vague to being Precise.


At any time, you can take any situation you're in, or any idea, thought, concept or plan in your head ... as perform the V2P maneuver.

You will find MANY words in your ideas and plans are VAGUE or poorly defined or described.

By forcing yourself to be precise, you will dramatically improve things for yourself.

More to come ...
Peace ✌️