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  • The MAIN REASON entrepreneurs get stuck at less than their potential, and how the process of Goal Amplification can maximise confidence, reduce doubt and remove hidden obstacles that were not yet been identified.
  • The 7 most important top-level traits of a successful entrepreneur, and how to awaken these within yourself and your team. Just by being aware of these traits you will immediately see opportunities to improve how you approach your business.
  • How to effectively reverse engineer future outcomes and create your own crystal clear blueprint of steps to follow to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • A simple and effective ‘shift in thinking’ that will enable you to see new opportunities, ask much better questions, and develop your 10 Power persona. This cognitive process will change the way you approach all areas of your life, helping you create X10 results in business, relationships and body.
  • Why how you ‘feel’ is having a much greater impact on your business than you realise, and how a series of fast ‘thought processes’ can bring your brain into the optimal state for your highest value work.

Hi, I'm Dr Nic Lucas ...

I help committed entrepreneurs and business leaders optimize their performance and results using a breakthrough approach that consistently creates rapid shifts in mindset and action.

If you would like to expand your goals and turn them into passionate commitments, reverse engineer the exact steps you need for success, and remove the known and unknown obstacles that stand in your way, then download this report, and I'll explain how.

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