VBA Retargeting Experience

You've Registered Your Interest for the class: Get FaceBooked!

OK ... well done on believing in yourself and taking the plunge.  We've got you down for a place in the Get FaceBooked Class with Dr Nic Lucas.

And your education starts now .. before you have even enrolled. 

If you happen to go to facebook, you might start seeing an ad ... designed especially for you ... to prove a concept and show it to you in real time ... so you can experience what your potential patients will experience when you learn how to do this in the class.

Now, while we can't guarantee when, or even if you'll see an ad ... chances are that you will.  And that ad will lead you to some free training ... something you can get started with straight away.

Happy hunting on facebook ? and we'll reach out to you soon with the full details of the online class and workshop.

HINT: Also, notice how simple this page is.  No fancy design needed.  Just simple, explanatory text on a page written for a specific person ... you.