So you know what you need to 'know' to be successful with fb ads ... it's time to go over what you need to DO.

And 'doing' is the important part, right? 

And if you're unsure if this will work for you, then here's what I say to people ... especially professionals like you.

If you've been through a qualification ... you've studied ... passed exams ... submitted assignments ... and graduated ... then you can do this.

It's not magic ... it's just another skill to learn ...

And you can learn it.

I know you can.

I have proven this already by leading a group of 30 health professionals through a program called FB Ad Strategy ... and they all learned these skills ...

... even though I taught them way too much, and gave them an advanced strategy that required far too much work.

So, if they could do the complicated, overkill version ... then you'll be able to do a more sensible and wise version ... especially with the resources I now include.

One thing I would emphasise is that this skill ... facebook ads ... is highly valuable.

Whether you do the ads yourself ... or teach your staff to do it for you ... make no mistake ... learning how to attract people into your practice or facility in a way that is profitable for you ... is incredibly valuable.

So, let's get to the other questions that are probably on your mind ...

"It seems like a lot of work ... will I be stuck on facebook all day long?"

This is very important to address and be upfront about. Time is a challenge and I have given this a lot of thought ...

  • 1
    The learning part is a one off ... once you know what to do ... that part becomes easy.
  • 2
    The setup will take a bit of time ... but 30 pioneers have come before you ... and I've developed some resources that will dramatically shortcut the setup.
  • 3
    Once your ads are up and running, you will need to monitor the results ... and this is now easier than ever as well. There's an app for phones I can show you. Checking your facebook ads is as easy as a few swipes of your phone screen.
  • 4
    Stopping ads that aren't performing is as simple as a single tap.

I'm not saying you can do this without effort ... I am saying that it is entirely worth your effort ... and I have made it so much simpler by doing most of the heavy lifting for you.

And I know you don't expect to get results without putting in effort ... it's just that I have reduced the amount of effort so that you can start faster, get results faster, and monitor what's going on .. all just from your phone.

And if you're wondering if you could get your staff to do this ... then the answer is yes ... most of it.

As long as you oversee it ... you could easily train your staff to login and place ads for your business.

Here's a true story from my world. 

When we were really going hard with facebook ads for our supplement company, one of my friends sons (aged 18) was looking for work ... and so we trained him up and within about 3 weeks he could launch 100 ads per day.

He hadn't run facebook ads before.

We oversaw it ... he pushed the buttons ... he found the images ... and even started putting together short videos for us.

He quickly became a pro at it.

And this was a complicated, high stakes ad campaign ... very different from what you'll be running. You wont need anything like 100 ads per day LOL (that only happens on the crazy side of Facebook).

Your campaign will be simple and straight forward. You'll be able to see everything at a glance.

Your staff could do this.

I think it all comes down to the result you want and why you want it?

Why do you really want to be able to reliably attract more ideal clients ...? 

Apart from the bonus of getting to help more people, there's the financial benefit?

Or, perhaps a successful business ... pumping with clients, activity, and community ... might be more important to you than the things money can buy?

Maybe you're a mentor to practitioners or coaches ... and while you're busy after years of word of mouth referrals ... they're just not growing and you'd love them to have a full client list too?

Maybe you're more entrepreneurial ... and want to introduce systems into your business that free you up to take time off ... so that your business keeps growing even while you're away?

It could be that you're absolutely passionate about consulting a certain type of client ... and you'd love the opportunity to build a client list with just these types of people ... you could happily consult with them day after day, because that's your passion.

See ... it's the outcomes that are exciting ... we're not doing facebook ads because we're excited about doing facebook ads.

We're doing ads because of how they can help us get outcomes that matter to us ... and that are deeply important to us.

That's why I use facebook advertising.

It's just that for me ... I did come to enjoy facebooks ads ... so much that I now teach others.

As professionals, I honestly believe we're experiencing the most incredible period of history ... a time when you can literally push a few buttons and put your message in front of exactly the right people ...

... people you can help, who need you, and who want what you offer.

And this is why I started teaching ... whenever I get passionate about something and then get good at it ... I get even deeper fulfilment by sharing it with others.

In fact, here's a photo of my first event back in 2010 ... teaching people digital marketing.

It's the ONLY photo I have of me and I clearly wasn't great at selfies back then 😉

There's a well accepted truth that if you are always looking for reasons why you CAN'T do something ... you will always find those reasons.

And yet if you look for reasons forwhy you CAN do something ... then you'll find those as well.

This idea was made famous by Henry Ford who was quoted as saying, "Whether You Believe You Can Do a Thing or Not, You Are Right"

I hope I've helped you believe that you CAN do this ... and I've also taken steps to ensure that you CAN ... and it's all in my new training called Value Based Advertising for Professionals, or VBA for Professionals for short.

You can read about it on the next page.