VBA Invitation

The practice absolutely boomed! Just put on my first associate and am keen to get some more ads running!

By coming this far, you've earned a chance to go further ... an invitation to learn with me directly in a short, online program called 'VBA for Professionals'. 

The learnings you've just been through have given you a meta-view at what I do, and the approach I take.

I know from experience, that some people like to try and figure this stuff out by themselves ... they enjoy hunting down youtube videos that actually teach something, and signing up for free PDFs and reports ... trying to piece it all together. 

If that's you, then that's awesome and I wish you safe travels​.

If I've helped give you the big picture and set you on a profitable course of action, then that's me walking the talk and leading by example.

In fact, if you take a look at what's just happened for you, you'll notice that I've reached out and showed you that I could help you, by actually helping you (shocking, I know.)

Now, for everyone else who would like to the save time, frustration and the grunt work it takes to get this set up ... and would prefer to just hit GO and make it happen quickly without having to spend months trying to figure it all out ... then this is simply the turning point in the discussion.

This is where you can take this further and continue to get my help.

I'm not a marketer trying to teach a professional how to do what marketers do.  Instead, I'm a professional teaching other professionals how to create clients by using facebook advertising to extend their natural professionalism into the online social space.

And while I've shown you what you need to know and do in order to get results, the actual 'process' that gets you those results is where I can help and guide you now.

Value Based Advertising isn't advertising as you've known it. 

Instead, it is simply about being professional ... by reaching out to help others ... and then being rewarded for it.

It's a principle that touches people deeply ... it's rare in the 'marketing world' ... and it's called "Give, and you will Receive".

That's what I teach in VBA for Professionals. Take a look at the breakdown of the training below:

Module 1: People and Platform

Module 2: Ads and Content

Module 3: Measuring Results

Module 4: Continuing the Conversation

Module 5: Expanding the Basics

Module 6: Getting the Most Out of What You've Got

Bonus Training and Special Inclusions

To request an invitation to the VBA for Professionals program, just click the button below and leave your details.

I'll also send you further training and resources as well as a PDF of the first module, which gives you a step by step walkthrough of how to set up your first campaign.