AIM EOI Confirmation

You're on the list ... so think on this

Whenever you are going to pay for advertising, it literally 'pays' to have a model of your investment and return.

So, let me walk you through a quick model since the bottom line is what makes this possible.

Let's say you have a budget of just $5 a day for your Awareness Campaign.  That's $150 per month.

Let's say you get engagement for $0.05 cents per engagement.  That's 3,000 'engagements' per month (150/0.05)

It costs you $150 to bring 3,000 new and relevant people into your sphere of influence ... and now they're aware of you.

Let's say you have a budget of just $3 a day for your Imagination Campaign. That's $90 per month.

Let's say that you get clicks to your website for $1.50 per click ... that's 60 new visitors to your website per month.

That's cost you $150 to make 3,000 people aware of you, and another $90 to bring 60 people to your site. That's $240 a month in total to get 60 new people to imagine consulting you.

$240 ... for 60 people ... that's nothing!

Now, from those 60 people ... if only just ONE of them becomes a new client ... you can see how this can pay for itself and be profitable.

Consider these different scenarios:

  • One new client x 5 consultations x $90 per consultation = $450 ... less 40% overheads leaves $270 (which is more than the ad spend)
  • One new client x 10 consultations x $90 per consultation = $900 ... less 40% overheads leaves $540
  • Two new clients x 10 consultations x $90 per consultation = $1,800 ... less 40% overheads leaves $1,080

And in each model above, the cost to you is $240 in ad spend.

And of course, don't forget ... each month you bring another 3,000 new people into awareness and another 60 new people to your site ... and so it snowballs. 

You're not starting from scratch each month, and this is really important to remember.

6 months from when you start, you will have brought 18,000 new people into an awareness about you and your brand ... and you can keep showing messages to those 18,000 people every single day.

In addition, within 6 months you will have attracted 360 new people to your website ... people who are aware of you, have engaged with you on Facebook, and have decided for themselves to click through to your site.

And even at conservative estimates ... if you only got 2 new clients per month ... that's 12 new clients over 6 months ... and at least 2 of these will refer new clients to you as well.

So, the three take home messages from the above are that:

  • 1
    Even with conservative estimates, you can make this profitable
  • 2
    The effect snowballs and grows with each month that you do it
  • 3
    Each group of new clients will include those who will refer more clients to you ... making this whole exercise even more beneficial to others, and to you.

Right now is the time to use Facebook advertising to significantly increase awareness about what you do and how you help people. 

If you don't do this, then in a year from now that's going to be

  • 36,000 people who wont know about you
  • 720 people who wont have visited your website, even though they'd be interested
  • And a minimum of 24 new patients and about $21,600 in revenue that you wont get

Something to think about while I'm getting ready to take 10 people into the AIM ACT Advertising and Client Acquisition Program.