Expression of Interest

Interested? Great ...

I can really help the right people and so that's what this page is for.

I'm looking for just 10 people to start in an annual program of AIM ACT Advertising and Client Acquisition ... specifically for professionals in practice.

You'll get heaps of education and support, but the key attraction of this program is the 'done for you' aspect.

My team and I will be overseeing the content AND the ads for your page and ad account.

You'll be able to pay up front, or on a payment plan ... and the main thing to know is that the 'daily fee' will be about the same as the 'hourly fee' you'd pay a receptionist.

I understand that at the beginning of an adventure like this, people are conscious of the 'cost'.  All I can say is that it's going to be very affordable and as this program rolls out, you'll be far more focussed on the results that you'll be getting that the investment you're making.

To get a run down of how the numbers stack up, just click the Send to Messenger button below and I'll share some scenarios with you over in messenger.  I'll also be able to keep you updated about the program if you're interested.

If not, that's OK too ... like I wrote above ... I'm only after 10 people and I'll need to make sure each person is the right fit before accepting them into the program.

If I can't help you, I wont take you on. Makes sense, right?

Catch you soon ...