Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell

Creator of the
Best Self Identity Method

CEO and Founder of Brandheart, Glen Campbell helps business leaders get clarity, focus and certainty about their best self.

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Biography: Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell is renowned worldwide for his breakthrough Best Self Identify Method for business leaders and entrepreneurs.

He finds that many leaders struggle with confusion, uncertainty and fear making it extremely difficult for them to achieve the progression and success they desire.

His Best Self Identity Method is a unique fusion of simple and highly effective branding methods, eastern and western philosophy, Quantum Physics and over 30 years experience in developing successful and enduring brands all over the world.

By undertaking this approach, leaders are consistently astounded and in awe as they, for the first time in their lives, are equipped to, in a state of effortless flow, make achieving personal and business goals an inevitability.

Contributing to this is Glen’s significant experience - with degrees in marketing and psychology and an illustrious career spanning three decades, two as the CEO of several Australian and global brand and communications companies.

A key influence of his unique method comes from his pursuit of eastern philosophy that began during his Martial Arts training. Here he achieved the rank of third dan black belt in Zen Do Kai Karate and was an Australian Grand NiDan Champion.

Driven by an intense desire to remain true to his best self, Glen resigned his role as CEO and founded Brandheart ... a unique and exclusive enterprise that ‘creates remarkable brands through the magic of emotional connectivity.’

His work has spread through the intense scrutiny of CEO networks, leading him to consult with hundreds of leaders who desire to turn themselves and their businesses into remarkable brands.

Every business leader or entrepreneur striving to make great things happen suffers setbacks and blocks, most of which come from within. My personal experience with these has cost me a great deal of time and money, not to mention significant frustration, stress and the questioning of what I am really doing.

Until of course I started working with Nic. He has an uncanny ability and advanced techniques that cleared all my mental and emotional blocks enabling me to refocus and take action. Without Nic I would still doubt my ability, and be talking about what I am ‘going to do’ rather than doing what I am capable of. Every business leader needs you Nic.”

Glen Campbell 
CEO, Brandheart

Glen Campbell: Best Self Identity

Through all my years of training, experience, breakthroughs and personal development, I haven't had the rapid and lasting breakthroughs that I've had when working with Nic. It's really quite an extraordinary experience that defies simple descriptions."

Glen Campbell 
CEO, Brandheart