Some Awesome People I've Worked With

Royden McWha Director / Osteopath

This dude knows his stuff

This dude knows his stuff. If you want to change, listen learn and implement the strategies he teaches.

Pauline Nyguen Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year

Shifted my mindset in a profound way

When the opportunity arose to work with Dr Nic I jumped on board straight away. He gave me the shift in perspective and energy that I needed in my business as well as personal life.

Following his X10 teachings, Dr Lucas shifted my mindset in a profound way.

James Klobasa CEO, Platinum Product Launch Manager

A new level of certainty and belief

The work I did with Nic, took me to a new level of certainty and belief. It was like a fire was lit inside.

I could feel the result, tangibly. This directly accelerated my production, and with this new belief and confidence, I was ready to hit 'GO' on my launch within 4 weeks.

Kristian van Staveren Product Manager (Medical)

A liberating experience

When I started working with Nic, times were challenging, and working with him was a wonderfully positive action to take. I can easily see how someone could walk down a destructive path without doing this work and understanding life this way.

The coaching experience helped me to excel in my new role, which is the culmination of everything I have worked towards. This was quite a liberating experience. Life is great!!!!!

Dr Kate Caine Osteopath & Scientist

I see myself from an entirely new perspective

Working with Nic has been an incredible experience. His authenticity and no BS attitude is so refreshing and inspiring.

The tools we've used and insights I've experienced have opened my eyes to where I was getting stuck in my own story and have literally handed me the keys to develop myself fully and see myself from an entirely new perspective.

I can't recommend working with Nic enough.

Mike Murphy Entrepreneur / Consultant

Get clear on what you want from life

To help me get clear on what I want from my life, Nic looked deep into my skills, abilities and most importantly the things I love.

He's a genuine and kind person who makes it very clear that he cares about his clients success in life and business. I recommend working with Dr. Nic as soon as you possibly can!

John Pannucio Director / Osteopath

The benefits to the business were immediate

I started working with Nic because I had a great opportunity with my business, but a few things were holding me back. I questioned my leadership, my team, and my business.

Nic helped me shift my perspective and improve my mindset. The benefits to the business were immediate. I increased revenue by 25% in the first three months, client retention improved and I was able to successfully shift the business in the direction I'd always wanted.

Kate Kreft Senior Biomedical Representative

Feeling Almost Invincible

Before my one-on-one sessions with Nic I felt anxious and frustrated. It was not uncommon for me to have panic attacks 2-3 times a week.

After my sessions with Nic I feel incredibly light, bubbly, and almost invincible. I feel much more at ease with myself and am more aware than ever at how I had been living in constant judgement. I am amazed at the debilitating effects of living in that state.

By doing this work with Nic, I have learned about my true self. My partner says I'm "easy going even during times of stress" and I can’t remember the last panic attack I had!

Dr Lisa Cornell Osteopath & Physiotherapist

Engaging, enthusiastic and passionate

Fantastic and helps you recognize how effective the skill of persuasion and influence can be on helping your business and clients. Dr Nic is engaging, enthusiastic and passionate about helping people change.”

Brent Hodgson Marketing Mentor, Author & Founder of Market Samurai

Achieve More, Without Going To War

Dr Nic Lucas starts with the core principles and neuroscience around how we think, what motivates us, and how we build successful habits around strong goals.

For me, Nic has turned goal attainment from "going to war" to "simply achieving more". Nic's principles are now taped to the glass of my shower screen, to read every day. They're mental hygiene in the mornings that I look forward to engaging with - knowing that every morning I pick them up, they make the day that follows 10x better.

Glen Campbell CEO / Founder of the Best Self Identity Method

Rapidly mind-hack what’s holding you back

Dr Nic Lucas knows the secrets to rapidly mind-hack what’s holding you back so you can be free from the intellectual and emotional struggle ... free to awaken your light and brilliance and leave your legacy.

I know, because that’s what he did for me. And it didn’t hurt a bit.