Amber McLean

Amber McLean

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We unite wildly ambitious, awakened women who're DONE dancing on the fringes.

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Biography: Amber McLean

Amber is the creator and founder of the Ambodhi Alliance - a professional and personal development network for women with a focus on spirituality, conscious entrepreneurship and enlightened leadership.

Amber is also the creative director of the documentary, I Am Done, which takes a very personal look at women who are going through a shift of awareness, and who are done with their current situation and ready for significant change and transformation.

With a best selling book by the same name, the concept of I Am Done has captured the attention of women from all around the world and is the genesis of an influential movement that is helping to change womens lives and empower them to be their own teacher.

I first reached out to Nic for advice about this idea that I had ... but that wasn't fully formed.  He is someone with a unique set of skills and experience that goes far beyond your typical consultant or adviser.  Not only has has he helped me with my own personal breakthroughs ... he has been instrumental in helping me bring my idea into an actuality.  From mindset and high level strategy, to facebook ad campaigns and strategic partnerships ... Nic has it covered.  It's rare ... and such a relief to work with someone as wholistic as this."

Amber McLean 
Ambodhi Alliance

Videography: Amber McLean

Facebook Video Ads Outreach

This series of video ads was used for the international launch of the film, I Am Done. The campaign was seen by hundreds of thousands of women, with many thousands registering to view the documentary on it's release date.

"I Am Done With Playing Small"

"I Am Done With Doubt"

"I Am Done With Trying To Fit In"

"I Am Done With No Action"