Accelerated Evolution Australasia – Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest

I'm Dr Nic Lucas and I'm excited to raise the possibility of hosting Satyen Raja of Accelerated Evolution for a workshop in Australia in early 2020.

The workshop will be over 3 or maybe 5 days, and the focus will be for participants to lead each other through the Core Accelerated Evolution Processes under the guidance of facilitators such as Satyen and myself and other members of the Accelerated Evolution team.

This will be the first workshop of it's kind in Australia and at this stage we are seeking expressions of interest from those already familiar with Satyen's work.  

The workshop will be open to three main groups of people:

  1. Coaches, therapists or other health professionals.
  2. Those who train or coach other coaches.
  3. The general public who want to learn these approaches for their own personal growth.

To let us know of your interest, please click or tap on 'Continue' below.

Satyen Raja
Founder, Accelerated Evolution

Nic Lucas, PhD
Faculty, Accelerated Evolution