Hello, I’m

Nic Lucas

Here’s who I am, who I help, and why I do it.

I help people optimise their mind, business and body and build a movement around their brand. 
I do it because I love it, I'm expert at it, and it's my purpose in business.


I’ve got 5 degrees, including a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). I was a medical researcher. I lectured in neuroscience, and I seem to have a collection of other certifications coming out of my @ss ... the point of which is to help you understand that I take learning, teaching and mastery damn seriously.

My parents moved a lot and I went to 9 schools. I was a high school dropout. I'm the last person you'd expect to have become so educated, which means you can’t hide your potential from me. I can spot it a mile away, and I give you the shift in perspective that enables you to reach for it.


I started my first business in 1997 - a publishing company. Within 3 years I was able to live on the income, working only a few hours a week. That’s when I learned my first lesson in leverage.

In my spare time, I set up two health care practices, taught neuroscience, and started my research frenzy. I did this for a decade and then wrote my first book. I self-published, and had to learn the entire online publishing and marketing model.

I also built an online education business and attracted students from over 70 countries. We’ve had thousands of people on live webinars, launched a number one podcast on iTunes, and published books on Amazon. We became an industry leader.

This digital adventure changed the direction of my life. I realised I could reach and influence thousands of people through the internet and I committed to mastering this skill.

It wasn't long before people started asking for help. So I built a digital agency, helping brands and entrepreneurs with virtually all aspects of their online business. I was invited to speak at business events and started running my own training workshops.

I've helped people in many industries including ​coaching, consulting, professional practice, fitness, real estate, pharmaceuticals, personal development, meditation, fashion, and documentaries.

This led me to start my wholistic X10 optimization coaching, and here’s why...


When you work with people in business, you discover the areas of life they’re stuck in. Often they don’t believe in themselves, and have doubts about their ability and value. They feel they’re not good enough, or that they're not deserving of success.

They frequently reveal that they're not sure of their deeper purpose in their business.

They have problems with work-life balance and face overwhelm. The relationship they have with themselves is often strained, and they are highly judgemental of their limitations (dysfunctional perfectionists).

And then there's health. We know the story of the person who spends their health to acquire their wealth, only to have to spend their wealth to regain their health ... and so fitness and nutrition are key areas I help with.

With that background, you’ll understand that my purpose is to help people become whole, to enlighten and enthuse them about their potential, and help them reach it.

I focus on helping entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals, because I have an intimate understanding of them in a way that few others can claim.

You can view some of the people I’ve helped and worked with here.

Apply Now to Work With Me


I host live and online workshops for small groups of people who want to grow, or start a movement around their business.

The focus is purpose driven profit optimisation, with an emphasis on online lead generation and client acquisition strategies, leveraging the power of the facebook advertising platform.

I also have a brand investment company, and partner with the right clients to scale their business from 6 to 7 figures, and higher.


I take on a few select 1-1 coaching clients.

The experience is customised to each person depending upon the outcomes they want and the obstacles they face.

Very often we scale the outcomes they believed were possible, and the obstacles they believed they faced become irrelevant. This is an holistic approach, with the focus on mind, body and business optimisation.