Drip Review

Drip vs Active Campaign vs Infusion

And why I've settled on Drip

There is a full Drip review coming soon ... they just did a big update and I decided I'd need to completely re-write my previous review.

In the meantime, my quick reasons for moving to Drip are as follows

1. There's just less clicking needed to get stuff done

When I was an Active Campaign user ... there was just too much clicking and waiting and clicking and waiting ... especially when authoring emails ... which is the main point of an email program, right?

Drip has a very similar 'idea' to Active Campaign ... and so it's comparable in many ways ... so when it comes to less clicking to get stuff done, I go with less clicking please.

Opening up and working in software isn't my idea of fun ... and staring out the window at the beach is much more my style ... so again, you can see why less clicking is a good thing.

2. Sub accounts.

This wont matter for some people, but for me it is awesome.  I've got my website in one account and Rhoda's website in another ... and my other sites each separated in another.  All the contacts are separated, all the stats are separated ... it's just so damn easy.  

In infusionsoft, you can do a work around ... but everything is all mashed up in one account which is not a 'real' drama, but having them separate helps keep my sanity (while I'm daydreaming, looking out over the beach).

3. Fully featured

Drip comes with everything included in the price.  Infusion is modular and so is Active Campaign ... if you want extra features, then expect to pay more.  You can check out ALL of Drip's features here ... and I love that lead scoring is included.

4. Price

This was a sticking point for me, because I got confused trying to compare them all.  You can get started with Drip for free ... whereas Infusion is a minimum of $99 a month with an onboarding fee just to try it out.  Active Campaign is inexpensive to start, but doesn't come with lead scoring.

And so, in the end, Drip made most sense ... however, when you start getting a list size of over 30,000 ... Drip starts to get more expensive ... and that's what I had to weigh up ... but seriously, at that number of leads ... the money wont be a problem ... unless you've got 30,000 useless leads in which case that's on you, not Drip.

So ... that's the quick summary of WHY I ended up going with Drip.  In my updated review, I'll show you inside and how easy it is to use.  But the best way is to just get a free account and test it for yourself.

~ Nic