Funnelogics is the main focus of the 2 day live event, because funnels take work, and are how you attract clients and make money.​

Everyone has a funnel of some type in their business. At it's most basic, people come in one end of the funnel and money is supposed to come out the other.

But there's a big difference between 'having a funnel', and having a series of funnels that are the logical extension of a purpose-driven strategy that is optimised for profit.

We call our approach 'Funnelogics' ... dedicated funnels that make sense based on who you serve and what you offer and how you want to position yourself and your brand.

During the 30 day workshop you will implement one of our content funnel​s, a registration funnel, and a product funnel.

Once set up, you will then learn how to optimise these funnels in the Purpose Driven Profit Optimisation component.​