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I'm always asked, "How do you run a successful business, keep yourself sane, nourish your relationships, and keep your health on point?"

My answer, "When you know what you want, why you want it, and how to get it, you become unstoppable."

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Dr Nic Lucas

BSc, MHSc, MPainMed, PhD, ACTL

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to connect with me. If we're meeting for the first time, I work with people to help them master the cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects of their lives.

I've consulted, coached and mentored thousands of people since 2000, and I work with entrepreneurs, business leaders and consultants to resolve inner conflict and create high-value breakthroughs.

I've taught my neuro-scientific methods on stages around the world, to help people remove the barriers to growth and enable them to achieve more, get in the zone, and experience less struggle with more flow and positivity.

Dr Lucas completed his BSc in 1997 at Victoria University and a Master of Health Science in 1999 with his thesis at the Brain Research Institute, Melbourne (Australia).

He followed this in 2004 with a Graduate Degree in Clinical Epidemiology (Evidence-Based Medicine), and then a Master of Pain Medicine in 2006 at the University of Newcastle.  

In 2012 he received his Doctorate (Ph.D) from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney.  

As an educator and scientist, he has lectured in neuroscience, pain medicine and research, and was an executive editor of a scientific journal for 16 years.

His work in the fields of diagnosis, physical medicine, critical thinking and the philosophy of medicine continues to be used and cited by scientists from around the world.

His book, Finally Free, was an Amazon (USA) Best Seller in Mental Health.

As a clinician, he has worked with thousands of people and now consults entirely online, through 1-1 mentoring, group coaching and online classes.



Dr Nic Lucas knows the secrets to rapidly shift what’s holding you back so you can be free from the intellectual and emotional struggle.

I know, because that’s what he did for me, and it didn’t hurt a bit. 

Glen Campbell

CEO and Founder of Brandheart


When the opportunity arose to work with Dr Lucas I jumped on board straight away. He gave me the shift in perspective and energy that I needed in my business as well as personal life.

Dr Lucas shifted my mindset in a profound way. 

Pauline Nyguen

Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year


The work I did with Dr Nic Lucas, took me to a new level of certainty and belief. It was like a fire was lit inside, and I could feel the result, tangibly.

With this new belief and confidence, I was ready to hit 'GO' on my launch within 4 weeks.

James Klobasa

CEO, Platinum Product Launch Manager