Dr Nic Lucas | Human Optimization Specialist

Grow Your Revenue with the NeuroPsychology of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Grow Your Revenue with the NeuroPsychology of Entrepreneurial Thinking

Dr Nic Lucas

BSc, GDClinEpi, MHSc, MPainMed, PhD, ACTL

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to connect with me. I work with high performers to help them master the mental, emotional and behavioural aspects of their lives.

I've consulted, coached and mentored thousands of people since 2000, helping people remove barriers to their growth and enable them to think better, achieve more, and experience less struggle.

About Dr Nic Lucas

Dr Lucas first studied Biomedical Science at the University of Wollongong and graduated from Victoria University with a BSc in Clinical Sciences.  

In 1999 he completed a Masters degree in Health Science, studying for his thesis in Psychophysics with Dr Heather Wheat from the University of Melbourne.

In 2002, he began his work at the University of Newcastle and completed a Degree in Clinical Epidemiology.

He then completed a 2nd Masters degree in Pain Medicine with Prof Nikolai Bogduk, OAM.  

In 2006 he started his doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney with Professors Les Irwig, Petra Macaskill and Nik Bogduk.  In 2012 he received his Ph.D in Diagnostic Reliability.

He subsequently studied Influence and Persuasion with Professor Robert Cialdini from Arizona State University, Habits and Behaviour Change with Professor BJ Fogg from Stanford University, and Lateral Thinking with Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson from the School of Thinking.

He followed this with intensive training in Cognitive Mindset and Consciousness Coaching with Satyen Raja from Accelerated Evolution. 

As an educator and scientist, he has lectured in neuroscience, pain medicine and evidence-based practice, and was a scientific journal editor for 16 years.

His published work in the fields of Critical Thinking and the Philosophy of Medicine continues to be used by scientists around the world.  

His research has been published in Experimental Brain Research, the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, the Clinical Journal of Pain, Medical Research Methodology, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, and Medicine Health Care and Philosophy.

His book on Stress and Anxiety was an Amazon (USA) Best Seller in Mental Health.

As an entrepreneur, he launched his first startup in 1997, which later sold to Elsevier, the worlds largest medical publishing company.

Since then, he has founded and co-founded businesses in online education and training, consulting, publishing, and e-commerce and has generated millions in revenue through online sales.

He consults entirely online, through 1-1 mentoring, group coaching, and online classes.  

His clientele are high performers, business leaders, professional consultants, and entrepreneurs.


Dr Nic Lucas knows the secrets to rapidly shift what’s holding you back so you can be free from the intellectual and emotional struggle.

I know, because that’s what he did for me, and it didn’t hurt a bit. 

Glen Campbell

CEO and Founder of Brandheart

When the opportunity arose to work with Dr Lucas I jumped on board straight away. He gave me the shift in perspective and energy that I needed in my business as well as personal life.

Dr Lucas shifted my mindset in a profound way. 

Pauline Nyguen

Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year

The work I did with Dr Nic Lucas, took me to a new level of certainty and belief. It was like a fire was lit inside, and I could feel the result, tangibly.

With this new belief and confidence, I was ready to hit 'GO' on my launch within 4 weeks.

James Klobasa

CEO, Platinum Product Launch Manager