Dr Nic Lucas | Human Optimization Specialist

Nicholas Lucas, Ph.D

Entrepreneur, Scientist, Advisor

Grow Your Performance and Your Profit with NeuroCogniX Protocols

  • Target brain networks for peak performance
  • Amplify the essential skills of entrepreneurship
  • Change your brain structure for lasting results

Nicholas Lucas, PhD

Entrepreneur, Scientist, Advisor

Grow Yourself and Your Profit with NeuroCogniX Protocols

About Dr Lucas

BSc, GDClinEpi, MHSc, MPMed, PhD, ACTL

Dr Lucas graduated with a BSc in Clinical Science from Victoria University in 1997. 

In 1999 he earned a Master's Degree in Health Science at Victoria University, completing his thesis in Psychophysics with Dr Heather Wheat from the University of Melbourne.

He continued his studies at the University of Newcastle and in 2002 completed a Degree in Clinical Epidemiology.

In 2004 he completed another Master's Degree specializing in Pain Medicine at the University of Newcastle, with Prof Nikolai Bogduk, OAM.  

In 2006 he started a doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney with Professors Les Irwig, Petra Macaskill and Nik Bogduk, and in 2012 received his PhD in Physical Medicine.

He then studied Influence and Persuasion with Professor Robert Cialdini from Arizona State University, Habits and Behaviour Change with Professor BJ Fogg from Stanford University. 

He followed this with training in Cognitive Science and Lateral Thinking with Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson at the School of Thinking, and Cognitive Mindset Coaching with Satyen Raja from Accelerated Evolution. 

As an educator and scientist, he has lectured in neuroscience, pain medicine and evidence-based practice, and was an executive scientific editor for 16 years.

His published works in the fields of Critical Thinking and Philosophy of Medicine are used by scientists around the world. 

His research has been published in Experimental Brain Research, the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, the Clinical Journal of Pain, Medical Research Methodology, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, and Medicine Health Care and Philosophy.

His books on Stress and Anxiety were best sellers on Amazon (USA) in Mental Health.

His first business was the Institute of Clinical Education, followed by a start-up which he sold to Elsevier, the world's largest medical publishing company.

Since then, he has founded businesses in health care, online education, consulting, publishing, and nootropic supplements for cognitive enhancement, and has generated millions in revenue.

Since 2012 has worked with founders, entrepreneurs and business leaders on cognitive enhancement and peak performance to support personal growth and profit optimization.


Peak Performance. Flow State.

Designed for intellectually curious individuals seeking personal and business growth based on reason, logic and science, NeuroCogniX offers protocols that leverage the power of neuroscience and coaching philosophy for exceptional cognitive and emotional performance.

The Protocols

Each protocol in the NeuroCogniX Framework is tailored to a specific cognitive potential. When cognitive functions are operating at their best, people experience the following capabilities*:

  • Attention: Exceptional focus, concentration, and selective attention, enabling you to concentrate deeply on tasks without distractions.
  • Memory: Effortless learning, quick information retrieval, and the ability to retain and integrate new knowledge effectively.
  • Perception: Enhanced sensory processing, accurate interpretation of the environment, and recognition of subtle patterns or details.
  • Language and Communication: Precise expression of thoughts and ideas, and a mastery of both verbal and written language.
  • Executive Functioning: Effective planning, organization, decision-making, problem-solving, and goal-setting abilities.
  • Reasoning and Logic: Critical thinking and analysis to make sound judgments and solve complex problems.
  • Creativity: Innovative thinking, generation of new ideas, and the ability to approach challenges from unique perspectives.
  • Cognitive Flexibility: Adaptability, escape from conventional boundaries, ease of switching between ideas and alternative viewpoints.
  • Emotional Regulation: Emotional stability, resilience, and the capacity to navigate challenging situations with composure.
  • Social Cognition: A more accurate perception of others' emotions, empathy and the ability to navigate complex social dynamics successfully.

Open Up the Phenomenal Partnership of Your Brain and Mind with NeuroCogniX


Dr Lucas knows the secrets to rapidly shift what’s holding you back so you can be free from the intellectual and emotional struggle. 

Glen Campbell

CEO and Founder of Brandheart

Dr Lucas gave me the shift in perspective and energy that I needed in my business and personal life.  He shifted me in a profound way. 

Pauline Nyguen

Australian Telstra Business Woman of the Year

The work I did with Dr Lucas took me to a new level of certainty and belief. It was like a fire was lit inside, and I could feel the result, tangibly.

James Klobasa

CEO, Platinum Product Launch Manager 


Why Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Seek Out NeuroCogniX

Every person presents with a different challenge, goal, objective or problem. Here are a few of the more common ones based on over 10 years working with entrepreneurs and business leaders.

1. Constant distraction, losing focus, reduced productivity.

2. Difficulty integrating new information.

3. Resistance to change and adapting to new situations.

4. Innovation is hard, new ideas are a challenge.

5. Brain fog and making mistakes.

6. Finding stress a challenge, difficulty with emotional stability.

7. Finding it hard to read and influence others.

8. Indecisive, lose track of time, struggle with goal attainment.

9. Overwhelmed with data, not thinking clearly and logically.

10. Misunderstanding people and reading situations the wrong way.

The NeuroCogniX Protocols

Each protocol in the NeuroCogniX Framework is tailored to a specific cognitive potential through related brain nuclei and neural networks.


Amplify Your Potential: Unlock extraordinary clarity about your goals, forge a deep connection with your aspirations, and harness the power of self-reflection and cognitive control.

By engaging the neural networks of the Prefrontal Cortex, Anterior Cingulate Cortex, Default Mode and Central Executive Networks, NeuroGoal enables exceptional goal achievement.


Embrace Cognitive Fluidity: Embark on a transformative journey of enhanced cognitive flexibility, conflict resolution, and inner unity.

By engaging the Default Mode Network, Medial Prefrontal Cortex, Amygdala, Insular Cortex, and Sensory Processing Areas, NeuroFlow facilitates a profound experience of cognitive fluidity and unity with oneself.

Explore new dimensions of thought, navigate conflicts with ease, and foster a harmonious connection within.


Experience Your Core Essence: Open yourself to a profound journey of self-discovery and liberation from constraining labels and limiting identities.

By activating the Prefrontal Cortex, Anterior Cingulate Cortex, Insula, Default Mode Network, and Central Executive Network, this protocol stimulates alpha and theta brain waves. Experience enhanced self-awareness, emotional processing, and cognitive flexibility, leading to a renewed sense of self and a liberated future with NeuroCore.


A Transformative Experience: Embark on a journey of self-discovery and emotional liberation. 

By activating the Prefrontal Cortex, Amygdala, Insula, and Anterior Cingulate Cortex, this protocol unlocks heightened awareness and profound breakthroughs.

Gain a deeper understanding of negative emotions, explore their impact on self-concept, and cultivate new perspectives.

NeuroMetanoia enables you to trigger transient, intense hyper-plastic mind and brain states.


Emotional-Cognitive Fusion: Engage the amygdala, insula, cingulate cortex, prefrontal cortex (vmPFC, ACC), and default mode network (DMN) to dynamically activate brain regions associated with emotional processing, self-referential thinking, emotional regulation, and cognitive control.

Disrupt negative rumination, encourage introspection, and cultivate positive feelings and proactive thoughts.

Experience the power of emotional-cognitive integration for personal growth and transformation with NeuroSynthesis.