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Have A Massive Impact Through Your Life & Business

Discover the most practical training program available for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who want to master change in their own lives and lead change in others.

Apply the HIGHLY EFFECTIVE mind science strategies used by Nic and his clients to achieve remarkable results in business and life.

You are just ONE step away from a massive shift forward.



If you’re ready, then I’d like to change things up for you.

I use a proven system of mind science that has a massive and lasting impact. I coach executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals to have transformative breakthroughs in their personal and business lives.

I combine my experience with the best strategies in the world in a unique an exclusive program called Massive Impact.

The Massive Impact Matrix (TM) is a highly evolved system that you can use to change anything. These meta-principles apply in every situation you will ever face. From launching a business to getting in the best shape of your life ... it all starts here.

Without knowing this system you are trying to change your world without understanding how to, or what’s getting in your way.  There are FOUR key areas that people struggle with. What if, instead of struggling to do well in just one area, you were able to develop mastery in them all?  This is what I challenge you to think about. This is the journey I invite you to join.



The Power to Influence

By training your mind you can become significantly more powerful.

By combining ancient wisdom with modern brain science I give you a back stage pass to what’s going on inside your mind and in the minds of others. I show you how to have power over change in your own life, and how to powerfully lead change in others.



The money you attract represents the contribution you make.  The greater the value of your contribution, the greater the flow of money.

The impact you have  can be highly leveraged through the smart use digital media and the principles of modern influence.

With contribution comes money, and with money comes freedom ... freedom to do, act, think and speak as you want.​

Welcome to a highly unique combination of ​conscious awareness, mindset, and digital media.



Your body is the primary machinery of your life ... and for you to have the energy to have a massive impact, then your mind and body have to be fit ... not just healthy, but fit.

A fit body has a fit mind. The mind and body are inter-related. Ignore one, and the other will fall apart.

Fitness is more than being 'healthy'.  Fitness is the ultimate you in form and function. 



​By having power, freedom and energy, you will attract the best people into your life ... people who value your contribution and make valuable contributions to your life in return.

Our life purpose is our contribution to others.  Whether it’s intimacy with your partner, or a business connection with a customer ... the connected being is a thriving being.

Discover the 'mind techniques' that the most successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals are demanding to learn in order to 10X their business and life.